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You will be notified via your email or sms immediately you receive a parcel or letter, the details can be viewed on app.

The subscription fee is 50 Ghc for 1 year.

When your box expires you will still have access to your virtual box number, you will be able to receive letters and parcels to your box, but in order to be able to pick up the items or get it delivered you will have to renew your service and pay for a defaulter fine. 

When your package expires you are given a 2 month grace period to renew after which you will pay a defaulter fine of 10 Ghc for every month.

Yes, cancelling your service will stop you from receiving letters and packages to your virtual box and your virtual number will be assigned to another person.

Yes, deliveries attract delivery fee.

Picking up items at our outlets are free.

For pickup you will need your package number and your Ghana Card.

After selecting delivery you will choose a preferred date you want your items to be delivered to you, our agent will then arrange deliver it at your preferred location.