Manage All Your Letters & Packages Virtually

We offer you a new generation of postal services, manage all your packages and letters from your comfort on a mobile app, get notifications on new deliveries and pickups.

Works exactly like the traditional mail or postal box with much improved features.

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GhVirtualBox is virtual post office box (P. O. Box) which functions exactly like the traditional P. O. Box with much improved features, users are given a unique addresses which represents your P. O. Box and allows service providers like logistics companies, business registrations, educational institutions and online businesses like eccommerce shops deliver letters and parcels to you. Your unique address will look and function much like any other Post Office box (P. O. Box) address in Ghana. When you receive a letter or parcel in your virtual box you are immediately notified via your email or phone number, you then decide if you want the item to be delivered to you at your place of convenience or you pick it up at our closest outlet.


The traditional post-box had many challenges some of these challenges include you physically going to check your post-box to see if you have receive any parcel or letter, no reminders on post-box renewals, notification and alerts on postal deliveries.


GhVirtualBox provides a seamless way of managing your postal box from your convenience, we notify our users immediately when their is a parcel or package in their Virtual Post Box, send reminders & alerts on renewals and gives our users the option of getting their items delivered to their doorstep.

App Features

Unique Box Number

After verifying your account and completing your payment a unique VirtualBox number is assigned to you and its accepted worldwide.

Updates on Packages

We update our customers on a timely basis when they receive parcels or packages in their mailbox.

Easy Payments

We support mobile money and debit card payments for your package renewals and delivery charges.

Data Security

App data are encrypted to prevent data leaks in case of a data breach or malicious attack.

Support 24/7

Our support team is available 24/7 to help our customers.

Preferred Service

After a package arrives, the customer is able to choose if the package is to be delivered or picked up from a closer outlet.

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You will be notified via your email or sms immediately you receive a parcel or letter, the details can be viewed on app.

The subscription fee is 75 Ghc for 1 year.

When your box expires you will still have access to your virtual box number, you will be able to receive letters and parcels to your box, but in order to be able to pick up the items or get it delivered you will have to renew your service and pay for a defaulter fine. 

When your package expires you are given a 2 month grace period to renew after which you will pay a defaulter fine of 10 Ghc for every month.

Yes, cancelling your service will stop you from receiving letters and packages to your virtual box and your virtual number will be assigned to another person.

Yes, deliveries attract delivery fee.

Picking up items at our outlets are free.

For pickup you will need your package number and your Ghana Card.

After selecting delivery you will choose a preferred date you want your items to be delivered to you, our agent will then arrange deliver it at your preferred location.